Case Studies: Please Enjoy.

Stories of how we have contributed to our client's success.


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Ahead of schedule materials submission

Additional video creation- before deadline

On budget



Jack Morton Worldwide and  a certain national restaurant chain commissioned us to make a series of thirty 30-second videos to create buzz, excitement, and suspense around the prizes in their national contest. The thirty videos were produced in-house by Red Suit Experience with final editing being done by the client. Balloon artist John Watkins created one balloon cue per slot to correspond to one of the prizes; once each video was posted to the company’s Facebook page, consumers guessed each prize, which Subway revealed the next day.

Clinique China hired Red Suit Experience for one of the longest-running, farthest-reaching experience marketing campaigns to ever run in China. In a bid to increase sales Clinique hired multiple Red Suit Experience professionals to design an 18-month long, China-wide rebranding campaign.



       Increased Market share each month

       17.8% increased market share overall

       Customer brand loyalty increase 35%+

       Social Media increase chatter of > 300%         following each event. -Weibo & Wechat




Kiehls China VIP Junket Experience.


​​Initially, the client planned a billboard advertisement campaign in order to reach 30 million consumers. That plan came with a price tag of over $1 million. Upon consultation with Red Suit Experience, the client chose the Social Magic solution, which uses the principles of social marketing and branding via magic.  With an increased exposure to 50 million qualified consumers and redirect the money they saved into other marketing programs.


       50+ million qualified clicks


       More than $7 million in click to order        sales attributed to our event.