Red Suit Experience: ExperienceWhy proprietary methods 

ExperienceWhy is an innovative marketing concept on the forefront of next-generation marketing that pinpoints consumer psychology and behaviors, then creates positive in-person and web experiences to strengthen and expand loyal client bases. The world’s top magicians and entertainers create bespoke brand experiences that associate feelings of desire, happiness, and joy with a specific brand.


Our Experiences


Modern consumers have learned to block out visual ads, but brains won’t block out interactions and experiences. We create experiences that draw crowds, encourage participation, and connect with consumers. This translates into higher immediate sales and lays the foundation for continued brand loyalty.


Our experiences are wholly positive


Who We Work With


ExperienceWhy is an effective marketing tool for nearly every industry. Our past clients include resorts, shopping malls, luxury brands, food products, national restaurant chains, and social media sites.


How We Work


ExperienceWhy is an experience marketing firm, but each experience is specifically tailored to the client’s goals. Increased overall sales, wider brand loyalty, enlarging consumer bases in specific demographics, rebranding, and greater social media clout – these are just some of the client goals we’ve helped our clients reach.


Once we understand your goals, we analyze your customer base and parse demographic research for their behaviors. When we understand how they think, we handpick magicians and/or entertainers who can most successfully target consumers and implement the experience specifically oriented to that demographic.


Why Experience Marketing?


Experience marketing forces consumers to retain more information and associate positive memories with your brand. The result? A deeper impact and a higher ROI.


Traditional marketing targets a broad demographic, with high commercial advertising cost and shallow impact. Experience marketing isolates specific demographics and uniquely targets each one.


Experience marketing is exceptionally suited to digital sharing age. Experiences are visually striking; in the immediate, it translates to high-volume social media sharing. In the longer term, it creates an army of brand ambassadors willing to spread your message to their network.