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Louis Vuitton



Louis Vuitton Beijing approached us to create a loyalty experience program that would turn LV’s most loyal 20 percent customer base in to brand acolytes, thereby increasing direct sales though word of mouth. The experience was also to serve as a client retention experience.

After identifying the local LV loyalists, we designed a parlor magic show to fit their behaviors. Champagne in hand, LV loyalists became part of the intimate magic show, with magicians asking participants to pick the Louis Vuitton product they wished they owned. The magician used the chosen product as a prop, causing a balloon egg to magically inflate inside the chosen handbag. The balloon popped, showering attendees with wearable balloon art ladybug bracelets: a product demonstrated to be highly coveted among the demographic. Word spread quickly and as of 2013, it is still LV China’s most successful direct sales presentation campaign.

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