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Kiehls China VIP Junket Experience


Initially, the client planned a billboard advertisement campaign in order to reach 30 million consumers to promote their new night cream. That plan came with a price tag of over $1 million.

Upon consultation with Red Suit Experience, the client chose the Social Magic solution, which uses the principles of social marketing and branding via magic. With an increased exposure to 50 million qualified consumers and redirect the money they saved into other marketing programs.

The solution entailed inviting the top 50 bloggers and media personalities to a daytime event held in a space completely decorated as a nighttime oasis. Bean bag beds, crystal accents, Champagne and a strolling magician doubling as master of ceremonies created an atmosphere of exclusivity as VIPs received magical samples and benefits of the product before anyone else had seen it. Even the handsome French chefs serving pastries were subtle marketing tools, asking the VIPs about the new product and prompting the visitors to extol the new product’s benefits.

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