John Watkins: The Experience Marketing Expert

John comes from a celebrated family of comic and performing entertainers. He has been performing for more than a decade across the United States and in more than seven different countries. In 2003, John began training with one of the best world class ninjas… just seeing if you’re still paying attention… one of the best corporate magicians in the world. During the development of his art and knowledge of marketing, John traveled to train with masters of the different performing and business fields throughout the United States and around the world.

Originally schooled in sociology and political science, then trained in persuasive arts by master magicians, John has developed a realistic style with surrealistic presentation in both performance and marketing. With the ability to create demographic specific marketing tools for the new age of experience marketing, and making the special connection with both client and customer, he is considered by his peers and clients to be a Master Marketing Entertainer. John has combined theses abilities with his talents for promotion, production, and networking into an international creative resource for creating memorable and successful projects.

John balances his time between lecturing to marketing professionals; performing for high end social and corporate events throughout the Asia, Europe and the Americas;  and being a creator, performer and teacher. He is an ardent supporter of organizations which promote the idea of "paying it forward" to the next generation.

John enjoys traveling and experiencing cultures. Is your project in an interesting place that John might not have been before? Well, he might do your keynote speaking or consulting for the cost of two business class tickets.