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Advance Marketing

We are your advance team, building the hype & spreading the word

Advance Marketing

Our teams have decades of experience promoting events. We are the ones who get to the location early to begin building hype before you've even put down your first pipe. We are the ones who go in early to the news stations to film the promotional bumpers. We are the entertainers who go to the sponsor meetings and meet and greets.

Our advance marketing services are the tool to spread the word and build excitement for your theme.

Keypoints are:
- We do the demographic research: It's best to know who you are talking to so you know how to talk to them.
- We create the perfect presentations: Tailored messaging specific to the media you are working with - gets great results and shows that you care.
- We work with your team: You know your messaging the best, we make sure it is well dressed.

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