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Area Experiences

Customizable experiences to any theme

Area Experiences

We have zones to get people off their phones, we add scenery to an event that guest want to share.

Let us know which area you are looking for a continual experience zone - we have the equipment and staging to fit open air experiences as well indoor expo anker entertainment. We have the experience for crowd control. Our setups allow for a continual show and give audiences the choice of enjoying as spectators or participants.

Have you ever seen a baby dinosaur hatch? Have you ever raced your eight year old across the finish line? Have you ever won the Balloon Olympics? How about a prom with a new king and queen every hour?

Our favorite offerings include:

- RC Racing Stadium: 1/16th scale remote control cars, adjustable size race track, live video projection, pre-recorded character announcements just like you see at those theme park rides and optional take home prizes of the cars that the guests raced. MC & technical assistant for a perfect performance every time.
- The Balloon Olympics: An interactive assortment of games designed to be highly visual, as exciting to watch as to play. Guests are sorted into teams with various colors and the audience are asked to cheer for their favorite team as they compete. Some of our fun games include Team Balloon Tower Defense, Balloon Archery, Giant Balloon Puzzle Solving & Balloon Tug of War. Decor and colors are highly customizable - anywhere from fairy tales to giant whales, castles to corales, barns to rockets and hoops to movies.
- Dinosaur Petting Zoo: The number one reason it is better than a traditional petting zoo? Is it the dinosaurs? It is because this petting zoo can be indoors - you can drop in without worrying about droppings. Includes Dino Expert Instructors, Dino puppetry, Educational Talks, Egg Hatchery Experience, Fossil Prize digs, Music and microphones, & video memento for guests.
- Pop Up Prom Learn to Dance: Hourly Dance Experiences with custom time, theming, dance styles, and atmosphere. Follow along instructors, video displays, speakers, music, lights, and staging. And the highlight: You have a chance to be crowned prom king/queen every hour!

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