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Balloon Olympics

Highly visible, highly interactive and immensely shareable games.

Balloon Olympics

Perfect for quick succession continuously running games which guest can enter and leave at their pleasure as well as structured tournament style.

Disciplines include:
- Tower Defense Game: Two teams, two castles - The winner is the team who knocks the giant round off of the other team's castles. Best of three moves on to the next round and everybody gets a prize. Custom color and styleable to your theme.
- Pattern Matching: Highly customizable patterns to your theme. Participants compete against either the clock or a rival team to complete multiple pattern recipe cards using giant balloon sculptures.
- Balloon Sports Court: Two teams competing to see who can score the most points. Each team has defenders and forwards working together to win. Think target throwing meets "broomstick" sports in a sea of 3 foot and 6 foot big round balloons.
- Balloon Carnival Games: An interactive assortment of games designed to be highly visual, as exciting to watch as to play. Guests are sorted into teams with various colors and the audience are asked to cheer for their favorite team as they compete. Some of our fun games include Balloon Archery, Balloon Relay Races with custom Ballon Vehicles, Balloon Target Toss & Balloon Tug of War. Decor and colors are highly customizable - anywhere from fairy tales to giant whales, castles to corales, barns to rockets and hoops to movies.

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