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Perfect sized - You'll win a prize!


We've got small shows, we've got medium shows, we got big shows! The best things about our shows is that they can be sized up or down to perfectly meet your needs.

Each of our performers has decades of experience and feedback to have a repertoire of shows ready to go as well as the ability to piece together customized shows for any theme and goal. This paired with our workshop and warehouse enables us to create custom props, scenery and story-telling.

Agriculture, farm and barn; pirate, ocean & tropical; science, robots & super heroes; wizard, wild west & whimsy; sports, celebrities & cars - oh my! These are the most recent themes that we have created shows for.

We have shows centered around magic comedy, nailbiter magic, geek & eek shows and a unique offering of ours is a magic themed game show highlighted by prizes for the audience. Theatres from 300 to 3000!

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